28.12.2018 - Jay M. Patel - Reading time ~2 Minutes

As a full stack software developer and data scientist, my focus is solving problems and getting data driven insights for your business needs.

I can help you evaluate the data you already have, augment and complement it with web scraping/crawling all the while looking out for opportunities to automate and scale so that you can get the answers more rapidly with higher accuracy.

Once I have the data we need, I’ll use the most appropriate and state of the art algorithms for a given problem. I stay on the top of recent research papers on natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning so that I can give my clients the best and most cost effective solution.

My clients come to me in different stages of the project:

  • Some have already identified the exact problem and they need help in implementing the solution. You can check out our web scraping page and talk to me about it.

  • Whereas other clients have variety of business goals where they know data can help but they haven’t nailed down the specifics yet. In those cases, I will start my research by focusing on the larger picture and once I fully establish the needs and potential solutions I can help implement or advise, I will create a design document and proposal for your review.

Feel free to reach out to me through chat now box or email me at


"Jay demonstrated initiative and creativity by proposing new approaches for data mining and software design for our project. He was always flexible to work on any task assigned to him. Furthermore, he did whatever it took to complete the task at hand and do it well."

– Caroline T. Stevens, Senior Manager at US Environmental Protection Agency, Atlanta, GA

"Jay was really good in grasping what I want to do. Good subject knowledge. And was able to deliver results on time."

– Gerald F., Bryant University, Smithfield, RI

Software and Programming Languages

I strongly believe that good data scientists should first and foremost be good software developers, so unsurprisingly, I am proficient in python and R development with particular expertise in:

  • Python (Flask, Django, scikit-learn, keras, pandas, matplotlib, numpy, scipy, NLTK, spaCy)
  • R (shiny, knitr, ggplot2, tidyverse, caret)
  • SQL (MySQL, SQLite,PostgresQL), NoSQL (Elasticsearch, MongoDB)
  • Web Crawlers (Scrapy, Apache Stormcrawler, Apache Nutch)
  • Big Data (Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop)
  • Cloud Computing/Amazon web Services (EC2, Lambda, S3, SageMaker)
  • Others (Weka, Eclipse RCP/Java, KNIME, SPSS, Stata, Microsoft Excel)