28.09.2020 - Jay M. Patel - Reading time ~2 Minutes

My name is Jay M. Patel and I am a fulltime freelance software developer and data scientist specializing in data mining, web crawling/scraping, natural language processing (NLP) projects. Please check out my consulting page for details on how to hire me for your project.

I worked at US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) for about five years before quitting in 2018 to do consulting fulltime and bootstrap my startup, Specrom Analytics, which applies AI algorithms for marketing, social listening and creating alternative financial datasets.

In my time at US EPA, I designed text mining and NLP algorithms to extract useful insights from hundreds of thousands of documents which were parts of regulatory filings from companies. I also led one of the first research teams within the agency to use Apache Spark based workflows for traditional cheminformatics applications such as chemical similarities and quantitative structure activity relationships. We also developed recurrent neural networks and more advanced LSTM models in Tensorflow for chemical SMILES generation. Please check out my Google Scholar for a full list of all my research papers and presentations.

I graduated with Bachelors in chemical engineering from UDCT, India and M.S. in computational chemistry from University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA. Check out my CV for more information.

My blog posts here will be focused on digital marketing, alternative financial datasets, my current work, data science, and my experiences as a startup founder. I also have couple of book projects in the works and one published book, please check it out here for more info.

In my free time, I also volunteer in Dangs district in India to assist tribal community in building homes, getting clean water and sanitation.

Connect with me on Linkedin, Github or email me at jay@jaympatel.com for any questions.