The “10 minute series” tutorials listed below are edited and reformatted from the handouts of my numerous talks at a seminar series organized by Agile Community of Practice (CoP) group.

The CoP audience was composed of working professionals from acedemia, scientists at federal govt agencies and contractors from private sector working on DigitalGov initiative projects.

This is a side project so it may take me another month or two to post tutorials of all the 20+ talks I have given to the CoP group in past five years.

The outline of the tutorials are below:

Section I: Basics

  1. Python Data Structures in 10 minutes
  1. Object Oriented Programming (OO) in Python in 10 Minutes

  2. R Data Structures in 10 minutes

  3. Perspectives on Object oriented Programming in R
  1. Distributing R Scripts as Packages

  2. Visualization in R and Python

Section II: Getting Data from Databases and Web Services

  1. Relational Databases
  1. NoSQL Databases
  1. Rest Web Services

Section III: Advanced Topics

  1. Big Data Analytics
  1. Theoretical Considerations for Common Machine Learning Algorithms

  2. Practical Machine Learning in Python


Git in 10 Minutes